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Who are we?

YA Solutions Inc is a Technology-obsessed Digital Marketing company that specializes in customer acquisition. The company was founded in 2007 by Yohan Wijeyawickrema (try saying that three times), who services clients across the globe with a special focus on the North American market. We pride ourselves on the ever-changing technology side of marketing, an area many companies find overwhelming.

What we're really good at.

We're darn good at helping companies acquire customers through leads and calls using branded web assets and other digital media. We also specialize in helping publishers and lead sellers to monetize their traffic, leads, and data. We are a full-service digital solutions agency with onsite web design and development, mobile app creation, and graphic design in our roundhouse.

Why us?

We don't want to toot our horns too loudly but we do have a great group of experts with tons of experience and a proven track record. Our team understands the importance of quality over quantity. And we are constantly keeping up with the latest trends, compliance requirements and best practices. We also created our own proprietary technology with an emphasis on quality control and transnational fraud detection and management (think stealth bombers).

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Yohan Wijeyawickrema Founder & CEO

"Don't let someone else's opinion of you become your reality." - Les Brown

Yohan is a entrepreneurial technologist with a huge passion for data, analytics, architecture, design and development. He lives and breathes this stuff, in fact, he considers himself a total tech geek and is proud of it.

In 2007 Yohan worked at MediaTrust and it's where he mastered performance marketing, lead generation and pioneered the technology needed to support the core business which included completely rewriting the tracking system.

In 2010 Yohan joined on as COO of Intimate Interactive Advertising and played a critical role in setting up everything from Technology to Operations to Compliance right from the ground up.

With all this valuable experience under his belt, he felt this was the perfect time to shine in this new chapter of his corporate life.

He likes to spend his spare time watching basketball, stand-up comedy, gaming and listening to music on his android, not an old-school record player. That wouldn't fit in with his high-tech lifestyle.

Anukshi Wijeyawickrema CFO

Anukshi takes care of all the financial decisions regarding the company. Her background gives her a deep understanding and knowledge of Corporate Finance and Management. After putting her career on hold to become a full-time mom, Lucky for us, she came back into the workforce in 2007 to help manage the finances for YA Solutions. Today she plays a key role in the company as it grows and evolves in the years to come.

She is an avid reader, has a huge passion for baking, travelling and experiencing new cultures.

No biography would be complete without mention of Anukshi's love of the game of tennis. If Roger Federer is playing, all bets are off. She won't be answering the phone.

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